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Human Capital Media (HCM) is the largest integrated media company serving the human capital, management and workforce-development industries. HCM leverages its award-winning editorial content with innovative, integrated media products, including targeted newsletters, webinars, Spotlight webinars, interactive websites, special print and online supplements, resource guides, industry research and benchmarking, a vendor directory, as well as live and online conferences that bring international audiences together to network and discuss leading-edge strategy and best practices in the industry.

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Print Magazine

Human Capital Media’s three award-winning publications and their affiliated electronic media and events represent the industry’s most respected and referenced resources for timely, trusted business intelligence and the knowledge needed to succeed in the evolving human capital management market.


Chief Learning Officer is the pre-eminent source of thought leadership for senior-level learning executives and engages the industry’s most influential decision-makers in conversation about the future of strategic workforce development. Content covers business intelligence, best practices, cutting-edge technologies, leadership development and alignment of workforce development with overall business objectives.



Talent Management provides in-depth information to talent management and HR professionals who are charged with the design, development and execution of integrated talent management programs that encompass recruitment and retention, employee assessment and evaluation, compensation and benefits, performance management, employee learning, workforce development, and succession planning.



Workforce covers the intersection of people management and business strategy by providing news and trends on talent management, employee benefits, recruiting and staffing, training and development, and new technology. The magazine’s mission is to help readers — senior-level human resources executives and C-level officers — improve their business and their bottom line through effective management of the workforce.


Digital Edition and App

Beyond the physical pages of our print magazines, HCM digital editions add media-rich functionality, allowing readers to drill more deeply into the content and link directly to informative and relative websites.Newly upgraded, our GTXcel platform offers a more robust reading experience and expanded accessibility across multiple digital and mobile platforms, including the iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Android devices. Reader can take advantage of customized capabilities for interacting within the digital edition and viewing additional content on products and services of interest.

App Features:

  • Every issue is push notified right to you.
  • Access up to three months of back issues.
  • Real-time feed of articles from our editors and featured blogs.
  • Built-in support for Facebook and Twitter so you can share valuable information.
  • Save and bookmark articles for easy reference.
  • Easy to navigate indexing and search functionality.
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HCM’s latest featured products are readily available for purchase on our exclusive newsstand. Get the most recent single issue print, single issue PDF, research products and books with just one click. Visit your favorite publications newsstand today for more info.

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Chief Learning Officer Executive Briefings:
From the editors of Chief Learning Officer, this e-newsletter brings you in-depth information about the latest issues, trends and techniques to enhance enterprise learning and productivity and helps you identify emerging industry issues every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



Talent Management Perspectives:
From the editors of Talent Management magazine, this e-newsletter brings you clear, accurate and straightforward coverage of talent management issues and fast access to expert advice and insights, best practices and pertinent research every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.



Diversity Executive News & Views:
From the editors of Diversity Executive, this newsletter brings you in-depth information about the latest issues and trends in corporate diversity and inclusion every Monday and Wednesday.



HR News Brief:
A mobile-native digest of HR news and analysis from around the Web that provides readers with an easy-to-review summary of news related to HR management. It is delivered directly to readers biweekly in an easy-to-read format, appealing to a full spectrum of senior-level HR management and senior titles.



Dear Workforce:
See what HR professionals are asking, and what workforce management experts are saying. Delivered the first and third Thursday of each month.

Workforce Technology:
Covering the latest technology trends, tools and applications that are shaping the workforce in the 21st century. Delivered the second and fourth Thursday of each month.

Workforce Benefits:
Stay current on all aspects of employee benefits, from health care to retirement issues. Delivered on Wednesdays.

Workforce Week:
Free weekly update on the trends in HR and new tools added to Workforce.com. Delivered every Tuesday.



In addition to Skype interviews with various business leaders across all four brands, HCM offers a powerful assemblage of videos, delivering the latest editorial content.

Editorial video topics include:

  • 5 Minutes of Management: Two HCM editors discuss topics trending in the workforce and human resource management space during this weekly Workforce video segment.
  • The Wacky World of Work: Assistant Managing Editor James Tehrani discusses workplace oddities once a month in this Workforce video segment.
  • Ask a Gen Y: CLO editor and millennial Ladan Nikravan chats about millennial values at work, both through external expert interviews and her own personal insight. Senior Editor Frank Kalman sometimes jumps in for this biweekly Chief Learning Officer video segment.
  • Diversity Executive Now: Editors Kellye Whitney and Ladan Nikravan touch on issues ranging from racial bias and discrimination at work to workplace inclusion in this Diversity Executive video segment.

Events featuring video:

  • CLO Symposium
  • Learning In Practice
  • LearningElite
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